New human trials for novel antibody offer hope for immediate protection against deadly Nipah

July 3, 2024 - Oslo, Norway; San Diego, CA, USA - For Immediate Release

Twenty-five years after the first human outbreak of Nipah virus, a novel Nipah monoclonal antibody—which could offer people at risk of infection immediate protection against the deadly disease—is planned to undergo human clinical trials in India and Bangladesh.

These clinical trials will assess the safety and tolerability of a Nipah monoclonal antibody (mAb), a protein that mimics natural antibodies by binding to the virus and preventing infection, which is designed to protect people in Nipah-affected countries from contracting the disease.

With $43.5 million in funding from CEPI, the human trials are intended to commence in 2025, pending regulatory approval. Led by non-profit biotechnology company ServareGMP and supported by Mapp Biopharmaceutical, the trials will assess the Nipah mAb, MBP1F5, in healthy adults at multiple clinical trial sites in India and Bangladesh—two countries that suffer Nipah outbreaks almost every year.

Funding will also support preclinical studies seeking to expand the use of the mAb from pre-exposure prophylaxis (before someone is exposed to a virus) to post-exposure prophylaxis, that is, for people shortly after infection with the virus.

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