ServareGMP is a new, non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to developing and manufacturing low-cost biologic medicines against infectious diseases, unmet needs and neglected diseases affecting the most vulnerable populations. Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are one of the most important developments in the history of medicine. Due to the high cost of development and manufacturing, mAbs and other biologic medicines are largely unavailable to populations in low and moderate resource countries (85% of world’s population). Of the over 100 mAbs approved as treatments by the FDA, only 9 can be classified as treatments for infectious diseases or neglected diseases. As of 2018, the average mAb therapy treatment cost in the United States was $96,731.

ServareGMP was established to help change this reality through three primary pathways: develop and manufacture very low-cost medicines; utilize its expertise and operations to partner with other like-minded organizations on their efforts to bring forth medicines aimed at underserved populations; collaborate with colleagues in LMICs to launch biomanufacturing operations in those locales.